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People love to travel as they wish to learn more about the world and all it has to offer. However, visit many chain hotels and it is difficult to determine which city is being visited. The rooms all look the same, the experience is similar in every way, and there is no local feel to the accommodations. However, opt for a Boutique Hotel and this is not the case. Hotels of this type offer many benefits over their chain counterparts, and these are a few of the benefits.

Similar Pricing

Individuals may be hesitant to stay at a boutique hotel believing the price will be much higher. However, this tends to not be the case. In fact, research has shown that many of these hotels are less expensive than their chain counterparts. Travelers are sure to appreciate the savings, as they can use the extra money to do and see more while in the area.


It's often difficult to distinguish one hotel room from another when visiting a chain establishment. The rooms in Melbourne look the same as the rooms in Auckland because chain hotels tend to buy items in bulk. Visit a boutique hotel and the same is not true. Each room and hotel tends to have its own personality, one that adds to the ambiance of the trip and helps visitors differentiate between the various locations they visit. Furthermore, boutique hotels often have a distinguishing characteristic. Some cater to pet owners and every room houses a furry friend, while others have a historic feel that sets the hotel apart from others.


One reason many people love boutique hotels is the personalized service they offer. As most of these hotels have 100 rooms or less, each guest receives more attention from the staff. Relationships often form between staff members and guests and travelers return year after year to continue this friendship. A guest may find a bottle of champagne in the room or discover the staff has pamphlets waiting at the check-in desk for attractions the guest may enjoy. The goal is to make the stay memorable and the staff works to ensure this happens.

If you have yet to stay at a boutique hotel, now is the time to do so. With so many benefits associated with this type of accommodation and no drawbacks, it's a wonder chain hotels even remain in business. These hotels are changing the way people travel and it is time to find out why. 

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